Chances are your vessel carries gasoline or diesel, and oil.  All our policies provide pollution coverage to save you from costly regulatory and environmental fines.

Did you just buy a 20 year old freshwater boat?  Chances are it's in great shape.  Agreed hull value allows you to keep your boat insured for what you paid for it instead of subjecting it to heavy depreciation as time goes by.


You've worked hard to afford the luxuries of life.  Why trust anyone other than an exclusive yacht and marine insurance agency to determine the best coverage to suit the way you use your boat.

we only represent true marine companies

All insurance policies are not created equal. Don't trust your auto insurance company to find the best coverage for your yacht. We only feature insurance companies that specialize in the marine industry. 

We're here for you

Anytime you have a question, concern, or even need a little advice, we'll find you an answer. We return phone calls and we consider all our clients our friends with the common bond of the love of the water.

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Towing and assistance, along with salvage are built into all our policies.  There is no need to pay a special membership fee or purchase additional coverage.

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